Introducing GEAR

GEAR is the renewal movement serving the United Reformed Church - a voluntary network of Christians who long to see evangelism and renewal become part of the heartbeat of our denomination.

We are convinced that effective ministry and fruitful mission can happen only under the anointing of the Holy Spirit. Therefore we work and pray for personal and corporate renewal, looking to see individuals and churches move into a deeper intimacy with Jesus Christ.

GEAR invests personnel and resources, actively participating in the life of the Church through:

  • Mobilising Prayer - prayer guides in print and online, and a network of intercessors.
  • Publications - booklets, a national 'In GEAR' magazine and a resource CD for ministers in training.
  • Conferences - several inspirational annual retreats for adults and youths.
  • ERAs - three field-workers funded by GEAR as a resource for local churches exploring evangelism and renewal.
  • Ignite & Dunamis - one-day introductory event, and in-depth training retreats, equipping people for Spirit-empowered ministry.


All these ministries are made available to the whole church. As a voluntary network, our work is wholly dependent on the support of those who share our aims and choose to covenant with us as members.

A refreshing stream

GEAR has been like a refreshing stream, helping nurture and develop dynamic spiritual life in the congregations and councils of the church and providing a focus for those with a common experience of Holy Spirit renewal. This 40th anniversary booklet charts the way that GEAR has encouraged a fresh emphasis on evangelism and the fruits of the Holy Spirit renewal.

By modelling and sharing a leadership style that allowed the Holy Spirit to inspire our actions and the Father’s will to be done, GEAR aimed to raise the level of expectancy and awareness of the Holy Spirit engaging with us in meetings, in worship, in prayer, in service, changing our lives and making an impact on the world.

This booklet celebrates 40 years of GEAR’s ministry and brings together honest reflections from the three men who have served as chairman over this period – Malcolm Hanson, John Hall and Brian Harley, as well as an overview from Chris Vivian who served in several key roles on the committee for many years.

GEAR was formed in 1974.

Serving the United Reformed Church, our aims are:

  1. to emphasise that the heart of all Christian life and work is a personal relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ;
  2. to promote growth in Christian faith and life that is rooted in the Bible;
  3. to pray for and to foster renewal by the Holy Spirit in the personal life of members and the corporate life of congregations and councils;
  4. to explore ways of evangelism, and to encourage participation in forms of outreach relevant to today.

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