Ignite provides opportunities for congregations to catch the Holy Spirit’s flame and grow in faithfulness to Jesus Christ. Taught from a Reformed perspective, Ignite conveys a Biblical message that will enrich and empower the people of your church, enabling them to serve with joy.

Each Ignite event is tailored to suit the local church. It includes worship, teaching, testimonies, practical application of the teaching, prayer and community building. Ignite events may last for a day, or for a full weekend.

The teaching is based on selected material from the Dunamis Project, and there are four different Ignite events to choose from. There is no charge for these events, but offerings will be invited to cover the expenses of the event, and to help extend this renewal ministry among other congregations.

Contact one of our Evangelism and Renewal Advocates to find out more.

1 – Ignite

Welcoming the Holy Spirit

Introducing, understanding and encountering the work of the Holy Spirit in growing the church and advancing God’s kingdom. This event looks at the activity of the Spirit in Jesus’ life and ours, with a Biblical balance between the inward (fruit-growing) and outward (gift-giving) work and an emphasis on the Spirit’s key role of bringing glory to Jesus.

2 – Igniting Faith

Living in cooperation with the Holy Spirit

Discovering the practical dynamic of cooperating with the Holy Spirit to do the work assigned by Jesus, fulfilling God the Father’s purposes. This event looks at how we receive guidance; how we can test whether what we have received is truly from God; and how we can grow in the gifts of the Holy Spirit.

3 – Igniting Prayer

Discovering prayer in the power of the Holy Spirit

Looking afresh at becoming a praying Church. This event guides us into the kind of prayer we’ve been longing for: greater intimacy with God and powerful, life-changing participation with our heavenly Father in bringing forth His kingdom on earth. It includes praying with vision, asking in Jesus’ name, and standing in the gap as an intercessor.

4 – Igniting Evangelism

Proclaiming Christ in partnership with the Holy Spirit

Overcoming our fears and failures, learning to discern and act on the opportunities that the Holy Spirit creates. This event looks at the practicalities of knowing and telling the Gospel message about Jesus with God’s guidance, inspiration and appointments rather than from a burden of guilt or duty.