Mobilising Prayer

Prayer is the powerhouse of the church. When people pray – things happen!

We must take seriously the call to engage in corporate prayer and to pray for one another. In the Bible we find the first Christians praying together in unity and with passion, crying out to God. As a result, remarkable things happened (Acts 1:14, 4:24 and 12:5).

GEAR promotes and resources prayer through…

  • Prayer Network – a nationwide community of intercessors
  • Power Points – a prayer guide distributed with the In GEAR magazine.


Prayer Network

Richard Turnbull co-ordinates GEAR’s prayer communication, including the Prayer Network.

The prayer network enables intercessors to seek revelation and guidance and to wrestle in prayer for GEAR and for the URC.

If you are interested in joining the prayer network, please send an email to


Pray The Way

We have launched a dedicated website to encourage and resource prayer in connection with the URC’s ‘Walking The Way’ initiative. Here’s the link:

Power Points

The Power Points prayer diary is produced three times a year and is distributed with the In GEAR magazine. Suggestions and requests for inclusion in the next edition of Power Points can be made by email to

Click here to download the full version of current edition of PowerPoints.


Prayer – PowerPoints

Requests for week beginning Sunday 15 July 2018
  • Please pray for the Retired Ministers' Housing Society reviewing their regulations and good practice at an away day in July.
  • Please pray for our church partners in Madagascar, Church of Jesus Christ in Madagascar, celebrating 200 years of the gospel in their land - brought from Wales in 1818
  • Please cover in prayer the prayer event at Cornerstone URC, Hythe and Sally Willett leading on 21st
  • Please pray for continuing work on the new database at Church House bringing improved record keeping.