About GEAR

About GEAR

GEAR was formed in 1974, shortly after the creation of the URC. Today there are more than 400 members of this voluntary network, and the national magazine ‘In GEAR’ is distributed free of charge to over 3,000 people. Our work is wholly dependent on the prayers, giving and participation of individuals who share our aims, but all our events, ministries and resources are available for everyone within the URC.

Serving the United Reformed Church, GEAR aims:

  • To emphasise that the heart of all Christian life and work is a personal relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ;
  • To promote growth in Christian faith and life that is rooted in the Bible;
  • To pray for and to foster renewal by the Holy Spirit in the personal life of members and the corporate life of congregations and councils;
  • To explore ways of evangelism, and to encourage participation in forms of outreach relevant to today.

We are a member organisation of the Evangelical Alliance