Evangelism and Renewal Advocates

Sally and Andrew Willett our Evangelism and Renewal Advocates:

  • URC ministers with nearly 30 years’ experience.
  • ERA since 2004 in this quarter time role.

Available free of charge, as a resource, as a gift from GEAR, to assist individuals and churches, groups, clusters and Synods to:

  • Deepen their discipleship,
  • Experience spiritual renewal

Engage in effective evangelism

ERAs info

Rev Sally Willett

Sally is based in West Thamesmead, London, where she and Andrew have planted West Thamesmead Community Church a new URC, Anglican and Methodist Church plant. She was a member of the URC's Vision4Life steering group, and is on the Editorial board of Reform.

Tel : 07828 110 639

Rev Andrew Willett

Andrew serves as a church planter alongside Sally, as well as leading a URC congregation in Charlton. He was part of the URC's Vision4Life Evangelism team, and is the URC's official representative for HOPE.

Tel : 07828 195 831

What’s on offer?

  • A listening ear or contact point, someone on the end of the phone.
  • Leadership for events, teaching and practical workshops on topics relevant to evangelism or renewal e.g. prayer, outreach, vision or church growth.
  • Flexibility, customised to your local context.
  • Inclusive; endeavouring to using the gifts of others including worship or prayer teams.


If you are interested

Please do get in touch for more details. It would be great to chat, pray, explore possibilities and dream dreams together.