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Our national magazine is published three times a year, with articles on aspects of evangelism, spiritual renewal, evangelical theology, personal testimony and book reviews.

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Our booklets are a resource for individuals and churches, dealing with questions of leadership, the Bible, outreach, prayer and the Holy Spirit.

A Refreshing Stream

Discover how GEAR has been refreshing the URC for 40 years, fostering evangelism, dynamic spiritual life and the fruits of Holy Spirit renewal.

Vision2020 Booklets

These booklets aim to provoke conversation and experimentation, helping local churches to engage with some aspects of the URC’s ‘Vision 2020’ initiative.

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Growing the Church in
the Power of the Holy Spirit

Rev Dr Brad Long, Rev Paul Stokes & Rev Cindy Strickler

“I believe there’s a real blessing to us in following the Spirit’s leading and most of us just aren’t truly aware or conditioned / trained on how to do that. This book provides both the tools, the Scripture and the practical realities of abandoning our will for the Church and for relying on God’s Spirit to show us God’s will.”

“The book explores the ‘dance of cooperation’ in a really helpful and down to earth way, providing scriptural basis, discussion of the theory, and examples of practical application. …it is written with humility and concern for the Church. I found the book both a challenge and an encouragement ”

“I have read the book more than once and refer to it regularly. I cannot recommend it highly enough.”

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