A Refreshing Stream

A Refreshing Stream

GEAR has been like a refreshing stream, helping nurture and develop dynamic spiritual life in the congregations and councils of the church and providing a focus for those with a common experience of Holy Spirit renewal. This 40th anniversary booklet charts the way that GEAR has encouraged a fresh emphasis on evangelism and the fruits of the Holy Spirit renewal.

By modelling and sharing a leadership style that allowed the Holy Spirit to inspire our actions and the Father’s will to be done, GEAR aimed to raise the level of expectancy and awareness of the Holy Spirit engaging with us in meetings, in worship, in prayer, in service, changing our lives and making an impact on the world.

This booklet celebrates 40 years of GEAR’s ministry and brings together honest reflections from the three men who have served as chairman over this period – Malcolm Hanson, John Hall and Brian Harley, as well as an overview from Chris Vivian who served in several key roles on the committee for many years.

Obtaining copies

We are currently transitioning all of our booklets to be freely downloadable, and are no-longer selling printed copies.