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Powerpoint Download

Growing the Church in the power of the Holy Spirit

Access the Powerpoints used by Paul Stokes to accompany his teaching. (Note that some fonts may not display correctly if they are not on your system, and the video clip for ‘Stepping out in faith’ is not included.)

  1. An Unexpected Journey.pptx
  2. Foundations.pptx
  3. Dancing with the Spirit.pptx
  4. Stepping out in faith.pptx
  5. Timing & tricky bits.pptx

Audio Downloads

Listen to teaching from some previous GEAR conferences. Other recordings will be added when they become available.

What’s the Story?

Teaching from Gerard Kelly: Discovering the Bible’s big story, and why it makes all the difference in the world…

  1. How we see God.mp3
  2. How God sees us.mp3
  3. The grace of God.mp3
  4. What is God doing in the world?.mp3

What’s so good about the Good News?

Teaching from Russ Rook

  1. Cana – the wedding.mp3
  2. Nazareth – a sermon.mp3
  3. Samaria – a parable.mp3
  4. Cornelius – Gentile Pentecost.mp3
  5. Beach – a breakfast.mp3

Prayer that changes things

Teaching from Pastor Judith Butler and Rev Stephen Newell

  1. The prayer of the righteous.mp3
  2. Effective Prayer.mp3
  3. Praying the Father’s will.mp3
  4. Receiving from the Spirit.mp3
  5. Renovare.mp3

God’s Vision for Living

Talks by Rev Jim Graham.

  1. God’s Vision for Living :: Introduction.wma
  2. God’s Vision for Living :: The Bible.wma
  3. God’s Vision for Living :: Prayer.wma
  4. God’s Vision for Living :: Evangelism.wma
  5. Jim answers questions.wma
  6. Work Sheet for Bible, Prayer, & Evangelism

Peter Horribin

Talks by Peter Horribin of Ellel Ministries, and one of the compilers for the Mission Praise songbook.

  1. Teaching Session 1.wma
  2. Teaching Session 2.wma
  3. Teaching Session 3.wma
  4. Teaching Session 4.wma
  5. Teaching Session 5.wma